Band Exercise Essentials

The use of bands is likely a missing aspect of your programming that allows for many advantages that straight weight does not have. Using a band accommodates the “strength curve” meaning tension increases where we are strongest. Furthermore, bands are a powerful tool for both strength development, activation drills prior to your training session, as […]

Why Linear Training Sucks For General Fitness

“Linear Periodization is like going 3/4 the way up the mountain and turning around before you reach the top” – Louie Simmons Over the last 10 years we’ve experimented with linear periodization in our programming but always found more drawbacks than benefits — not to mention the results have paled in comparison to using conjugate […]

Cluster Sets For Size & Strength

Using intra-set rest or “clusters” is hardly a new concept. In fact, Olympic lifters use clusters regularly, some without even knowing it. Put simply, we are using small bouts of rest (10-20s) in between reps to provide recovery and avoid movement deterioration which would normally occur during a straight-set with appreciable loading. In “Supertraining” Cluster […]

How To Use & Program Reverse Hypers

The Reverse hyper is a piece of equipment like no other. This open-chain exercise provides the unique benefits of traction and strengthening and can be used to facilitate recovery. You’ll want to make sure you use this piece of equipment correctly, as many times athletes use the Reverse Hyper incorrectly with excessive “swinging”. With that […]

New Upper-Body Supersets You Haven’t Tried

Performing upper-body exercises in a ‘superset’ fashion where you go back and forth between both exercises with little to no rest is hardly a new strategy. In fact, this strategy dates back to the Joe Weider days so you likely won’t be surprised by this concept. But what you may be surprised by is the […]

The Best Conjugate Training Plan

You’ve heard it before too many times with a tagline like “best training plan,” but this article isn’t meant to convince you that you should stop what you’re doing and start a new program. This training plan certainly isn’t for everyone, but for the right person, it’s hard to beat. Let me explain. If you’re […]

Programming Sledwork

Conditioning work does not have to be boring nor does it have to beat you up. Developing your General Physical Preparedness (GPP) can add value to your training sessions and as well as break up the monotony. One of the mistakes I see athletes make with their conditioning is not having enough variance in terms of energy systems […]

Build Explosive Strength With Plyometrics

Does the average person really need to be training explosive strength? Yes! Why? Because plyometrics are the most effective way to improve the rate of force development and utilize high-threshold motor units to a high degree. But the benefits don’t end there. Before we get into the specifics of plyometric programming lets first refer to a […]

10 Exercises To Build Lockout Strength

Lockout strength for competitive exercisers is paramount to their success on a number of levels. And this isn’t the case just for max effort overhead lifts, lockout ability spans across almost every single event in competition. CF athletes are constantly asked to lock weight out whether it be dynamically or isometrically in a variety of scenarios.  Of […]