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This short training delivered via PDF will show you some simple but effective changes you can make to your programming that will quickly increase your gains and push you through growth plateaus.


Discover 2 surprising things you’re probably doing right now that you should drop from your program to max your gains.


Learn the 1 type of work to add more of that will break you through any growth plateaus that you’re currently experiencing.


Find out which type of program to use and which peak performance metrics you should be keeping track of (and which you should be focusing less on). 


About Jason

BP Training Systems was founded by Jason Brown, a former combat veteran who has designed some of the most effective and unique programming for CrossFit gyms. He’s directly or indirectly trained over 30,000 individuals including some of the best athletes in the world!

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I have trusted Box Programming for my clients fitness needs for many years now and have love how it continues to evolve and improve. In regard to my personal fitness, I have been Jason’s individual services, and I am very satisfied, the workouts are efficient, effective, and they keep my body pain free and feeling stronger than ever. Thanks, Jason, for always striving to improve your services and delivering them in a easy to follow formart. 

Peter Santos.

Conjugate X Conditioning 3 Day Sample

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