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ATTENTION: If you’re about to give up on High Intensity Fitness (or already have) but still want to build a strong, lean, resilient, and well-conditioning body–without the burnout and constant injuries, this will be the most important thing you’ll read today...

Discover how high intensity fitness random training is a watered-down version of the REAL “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity” training method… and it’s killing your results and priming your body for burnout

PLUS: The far superior “CXC Method”– (NOT a CrossFit program, but has all the benefits of CrossFit without the negatives) – has helped over 30,000 people to:

Dear friend,

Squats with 21-15-9 rep schemes at 95% intensity will get you sore…

Thrusters and toes-to-bar until you puke will get you tired…

Burpees and box jumps will make you sweat…

Sure, random exercises in a WOD while chasing your fastest time will make you FEEL like you got a good workout…

…But the pros know that doesn’t mean results are on the horizon. 

In fact, this balls-to-the-wall training mentality often leads to injury and burnout. 

Even advanced trainees fall into the trap… They believe all they need to do to keep making progress is to train “harder.” 

Sadly, this isn’t true.

Simply doing things hard, fast, or more does NOT mean you’re going to get the training effect that you’re hoping for.

If you want to look, feel, and perform your best?

And you want to be able to sustain it into your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond without spending hours a day in the gym?

Pay close attention…

High Intensity Fitness inferior training is a watered-down version of the REAL “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity” training method.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the concept behind High Intensity Fitness is solid…

Combining the best of strength training & conditioning into one program.

And I’ll let you in on a deep dark secret – I gave High Intensity Fitness a shot myself when I was introduced to it by a buddy of mine.

What attracted me to it is the competitiveness. Now, I was a college athlete so I’ll admit that part got my juices flowing. And it definitely can be fun.

However, based on my experience and education in exercise science, I immediately knew that this simply was NOT the best of both worlds, it certainly wasn’t the best strength training out there for sure. I’ll prove this in a minute.

So, I realized that all these High Intensity Fitness Athletes who had a cult-like following and allegiance to this thing were priming themselves for less than stellar long-term results, burnout, and even serious injury. It actually led me to the best decision of my life – more on that later.

For now, it’s important that you know and understand the most common programming mistakes you’ll find in almost every training program out there (but especially if you like High Intensity Fitness type training)… so you avoid them at all costs.

3 overlooked High Intensity Fitness programming mistakes that hold you back from achieving your physique and performance potential

Programming Mistake #1

“I can do random workouts and get results forever"

Randomized programming may work for a while, but it will NOT work forever.

In fact, I call this “Prescribed Chaos.” Because that’s exactly what it is.

Throw out random exercises and tell you to push as hard and fast as you can…

Then “hope” your body adapts.

Sorry, but HOPE is not an effective training strategy.

And I’m not just picking on High Intensity Fitness here.

The problem is with social media, I see people all the time just randomly picking out a workout of the day from whatever fitness “influencer” they happen to be following.

One of the most famous names in Strength and Conditioning, Yuri Verkoshanski, once said “any idiot can make any idiot tired.”

The bottom line: random workouts are a recipe for disaster.

Truth: You do NOT need randomized workouts — you need a strategically-varied concurrent training program

You should train strength, power, mobility, stability, conditioning, and skills SIMULTANEOUSLY.

A well-structured plan that ensures you properly blend movement patterns, intensity, and all physical characteristics.

Now, I get it…the RANDOMIZED part of High Intensity Fitness programs is what keeps it interesting, it’s what keeps it FUN, right?

Well, the “strategically-varied” part of what I just mentioned above keeps the fun, interesting, never gets boring part of High Intensity Fitness that you love, but with all of these benefits added to it:

You get the best of both worlds when you replace randomized workouts with strategically-varied concurrent training.

The problem is most coaches don’t have the slightest idea of how to program this properly. So, even if you have a personal trainer who you think is providing a strategic approach, believe me, it’s more of the same randomized crap.

Programming Mistake #2

“I need to train more to keep getting results”

Ever notice how you wake up feeling like gold some days?

But other days…

You wake up feeling like you got hit by a truck…

(even if your training wasn’t especially brutal the day before?)

That’s because we have all sorts of stressors in our lives that contribute to our recovery.

Training, nutrition, and sleep are only the beginning.

There are stressors in our environment, water, food, and more.

So, when you try to do way too much in training—you set yourself up to fail.

Truth: You do NOT need to train more — you need to train optimally.

In life, we experience natural ebbs and flows.

No-one (let me repeat, no one!) linearly progresses through life on a straight-line upward slope. That’s not how physiology and biology work.

So, don’t you think training optimally through these peaks and valleys by giving your body the tools to self-regulate makes way more sense than following some randomly planned “peaking cycle”?

And wouldn’t it make sense that your training is adaptable to these natural waves to help you get the best results?

The answer is yes. The problem is, traditional High Intensity Fitness, and nearly every training program you’ve probably tried doesn’t work like this.

The game isn’t about training maximally, it’s about training optimally.

And…WHAT you do with your training time is very important.

Programming Mistake #3

“I need to train harder to break through plateaus”

Training harder and harder, week after week isn’t the fix.

If it was, everyone would be strong as an Ox and jacked. Which isn’t the case.

In fact, most programs actually train your body to be MORE susceptible to injury.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true. And unless you make a change, you’re leaving results and your body to chance.

One of my greatest mentors and strength coaches always says:

“It’s not the one gust of wind that breaks the branch on the tree — it’s the years of wind. Eventually, there is a breaking point.”

He couldn’t be more right.


Sustainability is one of the biggest missing pieces I see in training programs.

Truth: You do NOT have to feel broken or rundown — you need peak sustainability

Coaches are always talking about achieving a maximal result…whether that’s a weight on the bar, a time in a WOD, a physique on stage, a number on the scale, etc.

I rarely see these MAXIMAL results sustained for any period of time. Which is crazy, because your ABSOLUTE best isn’t sustainable.

Instead, you should be chasing after peak sustainability…

The best result you can sustain over a longer period of time.

The problem is, High Intensity Fitness and other workout programming amplifies these mistakes and creates a dangerous problem called “stress compounding”

Stress Compounding happens when training, life, and other work-stressors build up in your body and stunt significant progress and growth.

This can lead to hormone problems, sleep issues, physical injuries–and of course, physique downfalls that we already talked about.

Don’t be shocked if you never heard of Stress Compounding before.

This isn’t something that’s talked about in the High Intensity Fitness or training community but the problems it causes are a serious concern…

…That’s why I have so many High Intensity Fitness Athletes, gym owners and trainers come to me for help. Many of them don’t even know about stress compounding as a concept let alone how to structure a training program that prevents it.

High Intensity Fitness inferior “shoot from the hip” and “balls to the wall” programming was beating people to a bloody pulp, breaking them down until they quit, and in some cases leaving them with severe injuries and even potentially deadly conditions.

So not only is this programming forcing you to settle for a subpar physique long-term…

But it’s breaking your body down, burning you out, and leaving you feeling like a beat-up ragdoll.

Unfortunately, you may have already experienced this.

Training hard, eating right, and busting your ass for weeks (even months)…

Only to end up stuck at home with lower back pain, crippling knee pain, tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis or ruptures, rotator cuff tendonitis, adrenal fatigue, or WORSE.

Some even suffer the potentially deadly condition of rhabdomyolysis— where your skeletal muscle tissue dies, releasing substances into the blood that cause kidney failure.

For “hardcore” High Intensity Fitness Athletes, this is often joked about.

I could not sit by and watch any more people drink the “High Intensity Fitness Kool-Aid” and wear it as a badge of honor when it was leaving so many broken.

That’s when I knew it was my purpose to come up with the best combination of strength and conditioning in one program without all the negatives of High Intensity Fitness.

My mission was to:

And later…I’ll tell you how my gym (and the results that I got for my clients) revolutionized the industry to where I had other gym owners coming to me for my expertise.

Again, if you’re looking for a High Intensity Fitness program or think this is a “High Intensity Fitness program on steroids” stop reading.

But, if you want something that gives you all the positives of High Intensity Fitness type training without all the negatives, read on…

CXC Method Traces to Soviet Olympic Gold Medalists

The base of CXC comes from a particular strength and conditioning system called the “Conjugate Method.”

This system can be traced back to Soviet Olympic Gold Medalists.

Which was later perfected in a setting that’s produced more world-record-holding powerlifters than any other gym in the world…

Then adopted by me to integrate the (much needed) conditioning and physique development qualities to make this the PERFECT training method for type A people that typically gravitate toward High Intensity Fitness.

To date, it’s already helped over 30,000 worldwide.

I’m hoping you’re next.

But I should warn you…

What I’m about to share will go against everything you’ve been told about how you need to train to get leaner, stronger, and faster.

First, let me introduce myself…

I’m Jason Brown
–Founder of BP Training Systems and “Trainer to the Trainers”…

Today, I’m a highly sought-after strength and conditioning expert.

Before that, I was a collegiate football player and started coaching athletes in the off-season at a Strength & Conditioning facility that I trained at. It was during an internship at that same facility where I would gain the foundation of my strength & conditioning education.

I studied Exercise Physiology and earned a Masters of Science Degree

Then, I became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach (to name a few of my credentials)

As I explained, before I entered the military in 2006, I was introduced to High Intensity Fitness by a buddy of mine. I was definitely attracted to the competitive nature of it.

But, I quickly realized the programming most High Intensity Fitness Athletes were doing was all wrong for the reasons I’ve already told you about.

After getting out of the military in 2011, my wife and I opened our own gym with the goal of creating programming that kept the competitiveness and fun of a High Intensity Fitness type program but also married the absolute best of strength training and conditioning.

And it worked! Our gym members were loving it, seeing their best results ever and without any burnout or the common injuries that other programs are plagued with.

But, what happened next really shocked me…

Over 200 High Intensity Fitness gyms hired me to program the CXC training methods for their members

That’s right…

My method spread like wildfire throughout the High Intensity Fitness and personal training community and other gym owners came to me for my programming methods.

Experts who make a living helping others get back into shape hired me so they can use the CXC method to get their clients strong, fit, and healthy–safely and more efficiently.

I’ve been using CXC to program for other gyms for over 8 years and they love it.

“Jason’s programming is excellent. It is very well rounded and most importantly, produces results!” I love all the accessory work he programs that most of us tend to forget about. As a box owner, Box Programming allows us to put more time into other business-related items without having to worry about programming solid workouts.” -Jamie Reisinger

Instead of following workouts that leave their members hurt, exhausted, and unimpressed with the results–and eventually leave…

I take care of all their programming for their group training so their members stay healthy, happy, and more importantly–get amazing results.

Members don’t quit and leave their High Intensity Fitness gym because they’re hurt.

And now, when they stare in the mirror, they look and feel better than they did when they were 20+ years younger.

Members don’t quit and leave their High Intensity Fitness gym because they’re hurt.

And now, when they stare in the mirror, they look and feel better than they did when they were 20+ years younger.

Over the years, my unique CXC training method has helped over 30,000 shatter PR’s, slash times off their WOD’s, pack on slabs of lean muscle, and get a lean physique… without training multiple times per day.

That’s why I’m so excited you’re here. Because I’m going to reveal a special opportunity to use the same training system…

… And take your health, fitness, and performance to the next level in only a fraction of the time.

If you want the best strength training in the world, then it would make sense to model “The Strongest Gym In The World”

So, here’s how I developed CXC…

More recently, the Conjugate system was popularized by world-famous strength coach Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. Maybe you’ve heard of it before?

Westside Barbell is widely known as The Strongest Gym In The World. This gym has more world record-holding powerlifters than ANY gym in the world. Heck, there’s even a documentary called “Westside VS The World” on Netflix.

I’m one of the few select coaches in the world certified by Louie and Westside Barbell in their unique training methods…

So I know the system better than most. That’s how I knew…

The Conjugate System could easily solve the problems caused by stress compounding –while avoiding the 3 High Intensity Fitness programming mistakes I mentioned earlier

So, it made sense to use Conjugate as the base for the strength training portion of the program.

Then, I gathered all of my previous training knowledge and experience…

Years of sport-specific training, my military background, my master’s degree in exercise physiology, my unique experience with the Conjugate system.

And optimized this until I had what I believe is the best strength training available anywhere in the world.

Now, the only thing that was missing to still compete in High Intensity Fitness style WOD’s, was the conditioning element.

So, here’s how I incorporated the world-class conditioning needed to still look and perform at my peak…

I took tried-and-true methods for Energy Systems Development and strategically placed them into our training plan to maximize results and recovery.

I prioritized developing the aerobic system– to facilitate recovery, heart-health, and the body’s ability to replenish ATP aerobically.

I then varied our conditioning work LESS to allow for improvement in movement quality, energy control/pacing, and work capacity.

I added in work-to-rest style conditioning pieces weekly. This allows the body to get used to being consistent with work capacity, instead of the standard High Intensity Fitness WODs that train you to get used to getting tired (not to mention drop-offs in work capacity).

Lastly, I used specific conditioning methods that are NOT dependent on one having a massive skill-base (hint: we don’t use the Olympic Lifts and Gymnastics in our conditioning pieces) and are far more effective for developing general physical preparedness (GPP) than standard High Intensity Fitness WODs.

And…this unique programming methodology of Conjugate and Conditioning combined, I call…

The CXC Method.

To be clear, my groundbreaking CXC Method is NOT for everyone…

If any of the above describes you, please stop reading…

CXC is for you…

CXC is especially important for you if you’ve hit a plateau in your training and…

Aren’t 100% certain what you’re doing right now is the most optimal way to reach your goals…

… Or every training program (or coach) you’ve tried has left you feeling beat up, burned out, or let down.

… Or you’re not as conditioned, lean, strong, or resilient as you wish—especially after all the effort you put in your training or diet.

… Or what you’re doing isn’t working like it used to—and you’re concerned things might keep going the wrong way.

… Or you just realize that time is a valuable resource you can no longer waste with things that don’t give you the biggest bang for your buck.

If that’s you? Congrats!

CXC will help you shatter your physique and performance goals unlike anything you’ve tried before

Almost every training program you’ll ever see promises ONE or TWO results.

Maybe it’s strength and conditioning… or just hypertrophy… or just improved conditioning.

With this superior CXC Method… you get increased strength, better conditioning, improved body composition, improved recovery, and MORE!

My most successful clients — the ones that rapidly transform their physique, smash PR’s, and squash their previous WOD times — started working with me AFTER being let down from 5, 7, even 10 other programs.

They buy a program from one of the big-name High Intensity Fitness athletes.

It looks cool. It’s loaded with exercises. Plenty of variety, fun tools, different intensities. And they all look like really challenging workouts.

They block off training time in their schedule for the next few weeks. Maybe even months. And the rush of adrenaline sets in…

They go to sleep excited. Ready to wake up and get after it. And they do.

The first few workouts were fun. Killer even. Left them exhausted… feeling like they “got a really good workout.”

After the first 2 weeks, reality sets in and anticipation for training turns to anxiety:

“Can I really keep fitting these hour and a half long sessions into my day? I have so much on my plate.”

Days later, their body begs them for a break.

Tight, achy hips that make it difficult to get up and down off the floor.

Cranky lower back that screams every time they bend over to pick something up.

Inflamed elbow and shoulders that make reaching for a gallon of water feel like a bucket of concrete.

Wrists that feel like they’re cracking. Calves as stiff as rocks. A neck as mobile as the Tin Man. And worse.

Their body feels like it’s one rep away from CRACKING.

It can happen anytime. A few days. A few weeks. Maybe a few months if they’re super conditioned and lucky.

Soon they start to realize… What’s the point?

The smart ones turn to CXC.

Fast forward to today…
They can’t imagine trading in my CXC Method and going back to “going hard” day-in and day-out workouts

With results like that, can you blame them?

BP Training Systems Proudly Introduces The:

CXC Method Training Program

Now You Can Use The Same Method Previously Reserved For Gym Owners And Our Private Clients

If you want to look, feel, and perform your best… and be able to sustain it into your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond… without spending hours a day in the gym?

You won’t find a better option than CXC Guaranteed.

People from all different walks of life are benefiting from CXC—Busy gym owners, Elite-level High Intensity Fitness athletes, powerlifting enthusiasts, Conjugate trainees, stay-at-home parents, weekend warriors, US Military, overworked CEO’s, and many more.

After following CXC for just a few weeks, our clients are amazed to see…

CXC includes everything you need to break physique, performance, and conditioning PR’s… without sacrificing family time, social life, and much-needed recovery

12 Weeks of Strategically Designed CXC Programming

7 Days per week of CXC programming to move you closer to your goals: 4 strength training sessions, 2 conditioning sessions, and 1 recovery-based training session. Each session blends strength, conditioning, bodybuilding, and every so often you want those challenging workouts to really test you.

Optimal Warm-Up & Recovery Methods

Warm-up and recovery are two wildly underutilized aspects of training. People either spend too much or too little time on these methods. As a CXC client, all this is programmed for you. This helps you get more out of your training, prevents imbalances, and makes your body more resilient.

Integrated Conditioning & GPP

CXC clients get full conditioning and general physical preparedness training. Not only does this increase work capacity, so you can go longer and harder… but these planned conditioning sessions are great for improving body composition and burning fat.

Exercise Video Demonstrations (over 250+ movements)

You’ll have video exercise demonstrations for every exercise. Perfect your technique, get strong and add muscle fast, and dramatically reduce your chances of getting injured.

Private CXC Members-Only Support Community

Exclusive invitation to our CXC members-only support community. This is where you can interact with other men and women who’re chasing their goals.

Training Logs

You can only see how far you’ve come if you’re tracking your results as you go. CXC includes space on each training day to log your weights and/or reps on each movement. This makes it easy for you to look back and see where you left off on any given movement. By the end of your program you’ll be blown away by the progress you’ve made.

No contract or commitment:

As a CXC client, you’re not locked into a subscription you can’t get out of. Why? Because we only want to help train people who want to be here. That’s best for you and it’s best for us. When you purchase CXC, you immediately receive your world-class program and can start training immediately.

If you were a gym owner who wanted the CXC Method installed for your members, it would cost over $750.

If you hired me for private training, it would cost $200 EACH SESSION!

But, it won’t cost you anywhere near that today. The entire program with everything that is listed above included…

Valued $750

Yours today ONLY $97

The value and results you get from CXC is worth thousands…but you WON’T invest anywhere close to that
— The catch is...

People all over the world are trading-in their bastardized programming for the cross-disciplinary approach CXC provides

“I will never use another training system, my wife and I are clients for life! I have been following BPTS for 3 years and I have never felt stronger or more confident in my training. It is my go-to for programming. Jason’s programming is organized, well thought out and based on proven scientific principles. I will never use another training system, my wife and I are clients for life!”

Chris Lanciano

“I love that the programming easily fit in the 1 hour training window I have every day. I’m also not 100% consistent due to “dad duties” and because the program is not linear as other traditional programs are, I can step in and out without missing out on making progress. At 42 I’ve been able to build my strength…this program has been a game changer for how my body feels.”

Keith Queen

“The best program you can invest in!! I was doing my own workouts and following a lot of what is seen on social media. Going to cardio bootcamp classes thinking it was the only way to get “fit”. I started CXC two months ago and I can not say enough. Jason and Danielle have consistently given me feedback and knowledge tips. The workouts are efficient and effective that aren’t just strength-based, but includes mobility, flexibility, and conditioning! Finally implementing the rest my body needs and am gaining strength while seeing a body composition change.”

Samantha Pender

“I’ve been loving the programming. Feeling stronger, fewer aches, and generally feel like a badass! I may miss a day here and there but always stay with the plan even if I’m behind. I can feel that this programming is for the long term gains and goals, not ground and pound. Thanks Jason Brown and Team!”

-Jamie Gallagher

 “I’m really loving the workouts and how you’re describing them. It lets me completely check out the planning aspect and just show up and work out, which is exactly what I needed.”

-Chris Steingass

“After years of competitive High Intensity Fitness and then having 3 babies in 2.5 years, my body was feeling like it had gone through the ringer. I was also worried that I’d never look fit again. CXC literally has me looking BETTER after kids than I did before. Not to mention I’m back to being competitive with my old numbers. I’ll never do anything else.”

-Danielle Brown

“This programming switched my outlook on S&C as a whole. This is an optimal way to train. I purchased CXC recently and highly recommend it. This programming switched my outlook on S&C as a whole. No more beat down met-cons leaving you smoked for days. This is an optimal way to train.”

-Nick Gozzard

“Jason, just finishing up the program next week. I have loved it so far, I’ve worked out at CF boxes that used your programming and found the individual version much better. I’m 43 and can’t take the high output AMRAP’s and for the time workouts. I’ve found that this is more to my liking, that lifting is much easier on my body, and even doing it 6 days a week and I feel much better. I’ve increased my main lifts from your program considerably, some as much 10%. Working out at home really helps too so I can fit it into my schedule easier.”

-Darryl L

CXC is an investment that pays
you back for the rest of your life

I put so much energy into making CXC the best tool to help you reach your health, fitness, and physique goals.

I know once you get inside, you’ll agree. But if you’re still reading this page, there’s still something preventing you from saying, “Jason, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie…”

I attached a guarantee that takes all the risks off your shoulders and put it on mine… so that you can give CXC an honest shot and see for yourself that it really works wonders.

Commit to CXC today, and here’s my
“30-day results or your money-back” promise

After helping thousands of people, I found traditional guarantees hurt people more than they help them. They give people an “easy way out” at the first sign of resistance. It’s like giving up as soon as the weights start to feel heavy.

That’s why I created a promise that has YOUR best interests at heart. Because I want you to experience how good you can really look and feel. Here’s how it works…

Invest in CXC today and do the work. Follow the time-efficient training. Show up, train, track your results… and ask ANY questions that come up.

If you do that and don’t get results after logging 25 training sessions, I’ll HAPPILY refund you every penny.

To give you some reference, most of our clients FEEL results within days… and then the visual, physique changes happen soon after. Better fitting clothes, most restful and rejuvenating sleep, better sex, and all-day energy.

I’m not promising this will happen overnight. But with CXC, this is all possible. If you follow what I tell you, the results will pay off. GUARANTEED.

Why am I doing this?

Before today, unless you were a gym owner who wanted us to create programming for your gym members or were a private client of ours, we didn’t offer CXC direct to the public.

But, we have pivoted our business just like so many have been forced to over this past year due to the pandemic. And because everyone has had to adapt to these trying and unprecedented times.

Many of our gym owners had to shut down. Individuals have no choice but to work out from home now.

So, we thought it was a perfect time to help out as many people as possible to make sure they continue to crush their fitness goals no matter what’s happening around them.

This literally has not been offered to individuals before today!

And in case you have any further doubts or hesitation about CXC…

The results speak for themselves

$97 One-Time Fee

Here’s to never looking & feeling the same way ever again

It makes NO difference what your training looks like right now.

Whether you’ve been training for 20+ years or only a few months…

Whether you know anything about Conjugate training systems, intelligent exercise programming, or legit pain-free performance…

Whether you have a 500-pound squat or a 185-pound squat…

But if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to DOUBLE your physique, performance, and conditioning results in half the time?

And build a strong, functional body that doesn’t BREAK!?

Then you’re going to love CXC…

Because this is the BEST, most efficient, most effective way to get there—WITHOUT training balls to the wall and injuring yourself in the process.

Joining CXC vs.
Figuring this out on your own...

$97 One-Time Fee

In the end, joining CXC is 100% your decision

In the end, CXC is really about FREEDOM.

The freedom to be fitter, faster, leaner, happier, stronger, pain-free, rejuvenated, more resilient, and more confident.

I’ve shown you how wildly effective CXC can be.

I’ve also explained how it’s different, and why this is the most efficient and effective way to shatter your physique, strength, and conditioning goals… without burning yourself out.

The only question that remains?

What’s stopping you from doing the same as the 30,000 other people using CXC’s all encompassing training methods to get there too?

As far as I can see, there’s really NOTHING stopping you.

This has been years in the making and we’ve got the science down pat.

That’s why it works as well as it does.

If you’re willing to show up and do the work, you truly have nothing to lose…

…Only an entirely stronger, fitter, happier, and healthier future to gain.

Remember, doing random workouts and exercises is one thing…

If you want to build a stronger, leaner, better-looking physique… that’s sustainable… and it’s done in WAY less time than most training programs?

You have to take a much different approach. An intelligent approach like CXC.

Even if it means going against the grain and doing things a little different.

With CXC, you don’t have to worry about any of the common training and programming mistakes that I mentioned earlier.

Because when you sign up for CXC today, I’ll do all the prep and planning for you. Layout everything you need–training, recovery, warmup, conditioning, and more—like a treasure map.

All you have to do is carve out 30-60 minutes a few times per week, show up, do the work, and see results.

And if anything ever comes up… or you have questions… or you need some help making adjustments, we got your back.

The next step starts here

There’s a famous quote from Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu that says…

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

If you’re wanting to look, feel, and perform better… in less time?

Joining CXC today is the first step on your journey.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training, your age, what you’ve done in the past, or what other programs you’ve tried…

CXC is the best way to get you there.

Click below to start today!

– Jason Brown

$97 One-Time Fee

Here Are The Most Common Questions
About CXC—And The Answers To Help:

If you haven’t made up your mind yet whether CXC is right for you, I understand. I put together a list of common questions and answers to help you make an educated and informed decision for yourself.

Someone with experience training who is competent with foundational movement patterns — squat, hip hinge, lunge, push, pull, and loaded carries. You should have at least 3 years of serious training experience. This program is NOT for beginners. It’s also NOT for you if you’re gung-ho about High Intensity Fitness. This is NOT a High Intensity Fitness program.

You don’t need to be a competitive athlete, but you should be quite comfortable training the squat, press, deadlift on your own.
You’ll get access to 7 Days of a strength and conditioning program that move you closer to your goals: 4 strength training sessions, 2 conditioning sessions, and 1 recovery-based training session. Each session blends strength, conditioning, bodybuilding, and every so often you want those challenging workouts that really TEST you.
A barbell, dumbbells, pull-up bar, squat rack, and bench. We do program kettlebell work, but this can usually be done with dumbbells too. Our conditioning work will usually involve some cardio equipment (bike or row), but if you have the ability to run outside, that will work too. Specialty items like sleds and bars are included in this program, but alternatives will be provided.
Immediately. The moment you purchase CXC you’ll receive your program. You can start training as soon as you can get into the gym.
Yes, people from all different walks of life are benefiting from CXC… Busy gym owners, former CrossFitters, Elite-level CrossFit athletes, Conjugate enthusiasts, stay-at-home parents, weekend warriors, US Military, overworked CEO’s, and many more. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training, your age, what you’ve done in the past, or what other programs you’ve tried. If for some reason, you aren’t satisfied with your results, you’re backed by the guarantee mentioned above.
You CAN have minor aches and pains but you need to be injury-free. If you’re currently injured and can’t train, CXC is NOT for you.
Yes, CXC is designed to help you look, feel, and perform better than ever—and to do it in the most efficient way possible. You can spend your new extra time however you’d like. Playing sports without pain, running around with your kids, picking up an old hobby, or just lounging by the pool looking great! It’s totally up to you.
As a CXC client, you’ll get an instant PDF download with all your training for 12 weeks, directions for each day, linked videos, training logs, and an intro to the BP Method, all in one easy to understand training program.
Simple. Click the button below. You’ll be taken to a checkout page. Enter your details on the page to secure your spot. You’ll immediately receive your program.

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$97 One-Time Fee
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