master writing effective strength & conditioning programming

Become a master in concurrent programming utilizing the most effective system of strength programming coupled with conditioning methods that improve health & performance.


Learn the principles of strength and conditioning to enable you to write expert training programs and be completely confident in what you put out to your clients.


Not understanding the science of exercise has consequences, and bad programming will always get found out.

Whether its’s because clients get injured due to their coach not understanding the effects of exercise, or they simply get burnt out because they’ve been beat down without the proper measures for their body to recover.

do you understand how these principles relate to programming?

General Adaptation Syndrome & Supercompensation

The Nervous System

Muscle Fiber Types

Aerobic & Anaerobic Systems

Training Effects

Concurrent Programming

Needs Analysis

Special Strength Development

If you answered no to any of the above, it’s time to level up your knowledge. And you don’t need a college level degree to do it. We give you all the tools you need to become an expert in Program Design.

What you get

5-week self study
online course


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Ceus for professional

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“The Program Design Course is a must-have for professional trainers, as well as anyone looking to take enhance their strength and conditioning knowledge. It’s ram packed with quality information that you can actually apply, and encourages both critical and “outside of the box” thinking. The certification is easy to access, and exceptionally delivered by every one of its educators. I can’t recommend it enough!”

GARETH Sapstead "the fitness maverick"

“To say I’m blown away by the newly released Program Design Course from expert strength coach Jason Brown is an understatement. This is one of the most thorough and user-friendly educational training courses on the market. Besides providing more useful content than most of the top certification programs in the industry it also expounds on foundational elements of exercise physiology, neuromuscular physiology, and biomechanics and teaches the practitioner how to apply this knowledge to real-world training in order to maximize the results of their clients and athletes.”

Dr. Joel Seedman

“The L1 Program Design Course is a terrific educational tool. Jason Brown guides you through a series of visually-impressive online presentations that are easy to follow and filled with practical applications. This course is an excellent investment for any trainer, coach, therapist or fitness enthusiast.”

DR. Chad Waterbury

Who is the PDC COURSE for?

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Learning to optimize program design is critical training any segment of the population.

cRossfit coaches

Whether its’s because clients get injured due to their coach not understanding the effects of exercise, or they simply get burnt out because they’ve been.

personal trainers

True professionals know how to customize their program design to their individual clients’ needs and does not rely on cookie-cutter programs.

Here's a Sneak Peek inside...

Learning key tenets of exercise physiology and how these principles connect to writing training programs is an integral part of being an elite level coach. Anyone can write ‘workouts’ but a real professional knows the ‘why’ behind every aspect of their training plans. And clients are smart. They often figure out if their coach is a legitimate professional or just someone cherry-picking workouts off of social media. More importantly, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to program design, and results will always remain king – results come by way of performance metrics, body-composition improvement, and most importantly improving your clients’ quality of life outside of the gym. Check out our free program design masterclass where Jason discusses ‘5 pillars of effective program design.’

Key focal points of the pDC

Strength and Conditioning Principles

Learn the nuances of effective program design by first learning the key principles of exercise science like the stress model, training effects, the nervous system, muscle-fiber types, bioenergetics, and more.

strength systems

Not all strengths are developed the same way and knowing how to differentiate between one type of strength and next is critical to ensuring your optimizing the delivery of strength programming.

energy systems

Learn what true high and low-intensity training means, how to create a structure using different methods to develop all three energy systems, and most importantly how each method effects the nervous system.

recovery and methods

No training plan is complete without knowing how to optimize recovery and managing the stress of your programming and the stress your clients experience outside of the gym is paramount if you want to ensure your clients incur positive results.

program design

Putting the exercise science principles, the strength and energy systems, and recovery together in a manner that creates synergy is KEY! We culminate our CxC Course talking about how to program for certain scenarios and situations.

Meet Your Instructors

We have a PhD in Exercise Physiology and a Master of Exercise Science teaching this course, both CSCS holders. Click to learn more about your instructors.

Jason Brown,MS,CSCS

DR. Chris Swart, CSCS

YOUr investment today:

$797 USD

iron-clad guarantee.

Whether its’s because clients get injured due to their coach not understanding the effects of exercise, or they simply get burnt out because they’ve been.Whether its’s because clients get injured due to their coach not understanding the effects of exercise, or they simply get burnt out because they’ve been.

Rather monthly payments?

No worries. Pay $175/month for 5 months instead of an upfront payment and still get access to the entire Program Design Course. You’ll also still enjoy the benefits of getting the manual and access to a ton of other great content!


Common misconceptions about ‘who’ this course is for. Put simply, anyone that writes training programs and wants to do better for their clients. Whether or not your clients are elite level athletes or soccer moms, the principles covered in this course will completely level-up your ability to write programs.

If you’re a fitness professional that is writing training programs for individuals. Put simply, writing training plans is not common knowledge even if you have all the certifications to go along with your profession. Being able to make sense of the science behind any training plan is often the missing link.

The principles of program design are applicable in any setting with any individual and knowing how to make distinct differences in your program design that are relative to the individual is a key component of this course.

You have instant access to the course at any time. The course is comprised of video modules that you can go through at your own pace. Most get through the course in 5-weeks but some take longer. You’ll always be able to refer back to your video modules even after you complete the course.

Your clients programming will be completely refined by going through this course. You’ll have a better understanding of pairing the correct methods to the individual and how to optimize your programming to better manage stress.

The course comes with full support in a private Facebook group so you’ll be able to ask any questions that you may have. We also offer a deep-dive for individuals that have gone through the course and passed the final exam to further refine their program design skills.